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Do You Have Any Idea Or Ideas

Besides, i was told we should use the plural form of “idea”, “suggestion”, or words alike, when posing a query. Actually, i have not or (more commonly) actually, i haven't.

Bonus Room IdeasDo you have any space in your home that

Do you have an idea.

Do you have any idea or ideas. Translate do you have any ideas. Or sometimes its used for emphasis in an emotional question: 学校の授業や会社の会議で「何か意見はある?」と言いたいとき、正しい英語表現は「do you have any ideas?」です。 ideas が複数形であるということが非常に重要です。ここで単数形「idea」を使って「do you have any idea?」と呼びかけると、全く異なるニュアンスが生まれ、語弊のタネとなります。

I believe one would have to say: Actually no, i haven't any idea of what i want. The first one is best!

@jun_contreras if you’re asking someone if they have any ideas for a project, thing, etc. In my understanding, you'd use: The interviewer will not recognize how effective it might have been.

What is wrong with my car? In fact, all you have right now is just a dream, and not a concrete one. The company’s design team will then review your ideas and will get in touch if your idea is further explored and if your idea is not successful, the company will also let you know.

If you are a sports fanatic, this idea must have definitely crossed your mind. Here we are looking for one specific response. Have you watched any good movies lately? with negative ideas or contexts, e.g.

We locked our keys in the car! If you have any idea or suggestion. Asking for specific suggestions to fix a problem.

The great news about fantasy sports is that demand is plenty, and players aren’t many. (this means i am completely puzzled and confused.) what should we do about this problem? I haven’t watched any good movies. when it doesn’t matter, e.g.

Since “have” is a verb here, to construct a question, one should add and put in front an auxiliary verb, resulting in “do you have any idea?” am i right? Does anyone have any ideas for our next marketing campaign? This is looking for a number of ideas.

Where do i start?” actually, you should start the app ideation process with the most accurate formulation of your concept. If they say do you have any idea what you are doing it means to reconsider. Because you just think you have a wonderful idea of the app for iphone or android.

Your idea might have been complicated, but they do not need a full explanation. Do you have any idea how we can get in? See 3 authoritative translations of do you have any ideas in spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Let me connect them with questions: If anyone wants to watch a movie with me we can go tonight. we use some Turn your dreams into ideas “i have an app idea.

Unless you want people to think you’re looking down on them (which will probably make them angry, whether they show it or not), use “do you have any. Leave us a sample sentence in the comments below. The two sentences mean something kind of different.

Do you have any idea how to use this app? Do you have any thoughts. |they have slightly different meanings.

Especially with the recent boom in fantasy sports with apps like dream 11, sports app development is in the limelight. Likewise, do not talk about how your ideas should have been implemented in more. I don't think the alternative is grammatically correct;

Do you have any ideas is where they are asking for suggestions english (us) french (france) german italian japanese korean polish portuguese (brazil) portuguese (portugal) russian simplified chinese (china) spanish (mexico) traditional chinese (taiwan) turkish vietnamese |@jun_contreras as for “do you like any sports?”, that’s fine and a correct way of asking someone whether they like sports or not! “any ideas” versus “any idea”:

Can you think of something. Remember, they are less interested in the idea itself. Do not try to use an idea you had that your employers refused.

Similar ( 8 ) please let me know if you have any ideas and suggestions or if you would like to contribute. You didn't come home until after 2 o'clock in the morning! The phrase do you have any idea can be roughly equivalent to can you think of any way:.

You’ll also need to send your contact details. Along with your idea, you can send any drawings or concepts that you have.

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Bonus Room IdeasDo you have any space in your home that

Bonus Room IdeasDo you have any space in your home that

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Bonus Room IdeasDo you have any space in your home that

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Bonus Room IdeasDo you have any space in your home that

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