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Hay Bale Storage Ideas

Also popular are steel structures, with or without metal sidewalls. Hay is highly flammable, and if a bale of hay molds internally, it can build up enough heat to self combust.

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To put storage losses in perspective, lets assume you store your hay outside and have a fairly reasonable storage loss of 10 percent.

Hay bale storage ideas. Even 2 inches of weathered hay on a round bale can represent more than 10% of the bale’s dry matter. It’s far safer to store your hay in a separate building away from your barn. When that happens, fire will spread from the hayloft to the rest of the barn.

More information about the economics of hay storage can be found in the following sources: Storage periods of both six months and 12 months are analyzed. The value of hay, storage time, environmental conditions, accessibility and interactions among those factors affect the economics and type of hay storage.

The truth is, however, haylofts are a dangerous practice. Britespan's fabric buildings are constructed in a fraction of the time when compared with a conventional pole barn. The plastic covers were used to protect the bales stacked three high in a triangular formation.

Bale bags were designed to enclose one bale each. Creative (ie cheap) hay storage ideas. The two high piled storage areas have a cmda design density/area of.35/2,940 (area #1) and a cmsa design of 25 heads @ 25 psi (area #2).

The 2013 california fire code classifies bales of hay as combustible fibers. • round hay bale storage. With the advent of large round balers, large square balers and hay wrappers, producers now have a multitude of choices on how to store their hay, but the small square bale still has a strong place in the marketplace.

Hayes focused her presentation on four considerations for ensuring a constructed hay barn will be functional and effective, regardless of which barn type is selected. For horses, show animals and owners. Jump to latest follow status not open for further replies.

How to set up super dry hay storage. Ok, so my hay is currently stored in our garage. Discussion starter · #1 · sep 28, 2011.

They can be installed in a matter of days on any surface and are considerably less expensive than a wooden or metal building. Whether you call ’em square or rectangular, big bales need protection during storage. When you've harvested your crops and inclement weather is around the corner, we can have your hay barn built in as little as six weeks from the time you order.

Joined jul 18, 2011 · 447 posts. According to university studies, dry matter losses in hay bales stored outdoors can reach 50% or more, depending on bale type, bale quality, storage conditions and length in storage. For round bale storage, hoop barns are a popular choice.

Our hay storage buildings are ideal for storing hay and grain. Bale silage storage using plastic (wisconsin) in a study conducted in the late 1980’s, straub and others evaluated plastic covers, bags and wrap with round bale silage. See more ideas about hay storage, pallet building, horse shelter.

Storage losses have a big effect on hay quantities and quality, so in the long run investing additional resources (money, labor, equipment) in hay storage could pay big dividends. It was loaded into the hayloft, where it was not only protected. Sunlight bleaches hay, causing it to lose nutritional value, especially protein and vitamin a.

Back in the days when everyone had livestock and a traditional barn, hay was stored under nearly perfect conditions. In all other commodity classifications i've read, i cannot find anywhere how it is classified in terms of something i can compare. Hay tarps are a versatile and relatively inexpensive option to conserve hay value.

Storing your hay supply in dry, well ventilated conditions means that you'll save yourself money by not having to contend with hay loss as a result of moisture and inclement weather conditions. See more ideas about hay feeder, goat hay feeder, goat feeder. With a tarp on top it stayed clean, and i can carry out serving sizes in a five gallon bucket.

It was virtually all stored in small square bales and much of it was stored in a barn loft. Look for a link to that spreadsheet under the hay storage sizing and management section of the team forage website. If you need to store your hay in an open field, or under a pole barn, or some other structure that is not completely enclosed, follow these instructions to create a completely enclosed, dry, protected hay storage area;

3 ways of storing hay bales on a city lot. This works well until the kids decide to jump into the hay, and the cats still manage to find.

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