A manger style hay rack, that is a basket style that fixes against a flat surface, works the best. We received another neat solution from the snors (special needs older rabbits sanctuary) rescue in the uk.

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Jen and i have a small herd of geese and rabbits, planning to put up some hay for the winter.

Hay storage ideas for rabbits. Hi all, can you give me some ideas on how to store hay (something nice looking). The simple act of digging should amuse your rabbit, but if you wanted to make it a bit more fun you could hide some bonus treats amongst the mess. So, you can never be too careful while storing pellets.

Timothy hay (1st, 2nd & 3rd cut) timothy hay is the most common type of hay for rabbits found in pet stores and it's often given to other small animals, such as guinea pigs and chinchillas. Just be sure to elevate the bales away from mice and rats. Right now it’s sitting on a plastic tarp in the spare bedroom, but i have to do something about it soon!

Do keep the container at a cool and dry place. Drill 2 holes on the back of the storage container. Find a box (perhaps a old plastic storage box or cardboard box) and fill it with soil, sand, hay, stripped newspaper or a mixture of these and let your bunny dig away!

Well, i just bought a bale of hay for leroy and am having the same concerns over storage. Always store them in a closed container. He is the messiest rabbit we’ve ever seen.

After this past month of thinking about, i decided to foster another bun from the shelter 🙂 right before snowball got adopted, […] Think of how sensitive our small friends are to chemicals, and remember they are eating the hay stored in these plastic bins. This works well until the kids decide to jump into the hay, and the cats still manage to find.

Before i bought the bale, i was getting the 96 oz bags of hay from the pet store, and just so the hay didn’t get everywhere, i put the store hay. There are some foods that rabbits will overeat on, but hay isn’t one of them! You can store hay for a very long time.

We have owned many rabbits. According to the specialists at vca animal hospitals, adult rabbits should not eat alfalfa. It can come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd cutting, which refers to harvests done within the same growing year.

For more than 5 bales, such as 10 to 20, you will need a hay barn or a shed. These will provide access to the hay inside the box for your rabbits. 3 ways of storing hay bales on a city lot.

Any ideas for outdoor storage? About a quarter acres worth. But, he is also messy.

With a tarp on top it stayed clean, and i can carry out serving sizes in a five gallon bucket. Drill, hole saw attachment, and sandpaper. Cows have been fed hay that was 15 years old!

The plastic is easy to clean and durable, and best of all, you may already have an extra container lying around that can be repurposed. Keep an eye on the samples to make sure the rabbits are not chewing on them. It will make your rabbit adjust itself for eating grass!

Lbanks ♦ september 11, 2012 ♦ 2 comments. You will insert hooks in both these holes and use the hooks to hang up the hay box. Posted by 23 hours ago.

Ideas on preparing the inside of hutch. Use some cheap carpet samples for the rabbits to lay or sit on (make sure the edges aren’t fraying). Plastic storage box and s hooks.

To explore some additional benefits of hay, the best types to use, and storage ideas, read on below. There’s got to be a better answer. If you have to store up to 5 bales at a time, your garage is a great place for storage.

For the record, never try to feed your rabbits old hay. One of the founders uses attractive large leaf storage bags for her hay. The high fiber content and rough texture are perfect for their diet and the maintenance of their teeth.

Drill at least 3 evenly spaced out large holes in the bottom section of the lid. At last, here comes the alfalfa hay. So i previously fostered a bun named snowball for a few months, and at the beginning of october, he had gi stasis and then was unexpectedly adopted from the shelter.

His favorite activity of all is scattering hay everywhere. Diy hay bag for rabbit. Would the below link be suitable?.

As her residents require a wide variety of hay, this idea facilitates safe and aesthetically pleasing hay storage. See more ideas about hay racks, litter box, bunny care. For small bales of hay for a handful of rabbits, a large plastic tote with some ventilation holes is perfect.

Add a cardboard box with a small hole to the sleeping area and fill it with dry straw, hay or food grade bedding. You'll find a few hay rack styles available for sale in pet shops aimed a rabbits, but you'll need to pick carefully, for example fold out racks are often too small to hold a day's supply of hay. We own an adorable english lop rabbit.

Diy rabbit hay bag, from counting chick’ns. This hay offers additional calories and more nutrients to match the energy levels of young ones. It is a decent hay starter for baby rabbits below six months.

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